About us

SCOUT Live is an adaptive practice & assessment platform.

It uses Analytics, Artificial Intelligence & Cloud Technology to the core to deliver a highly engaging platform so that our users prepare better for their next exam or placement test.

The idea of SCOUT Live mooted from the need where we found assessment though being one of the core parts of learning is highly deprived. This due to its inherent liability of assessment being vested on the tutors. Tutors being already overloaded with students in our current industrialized form of learning is deemed helpless sometimes. And technology can surely lend a helping hand here. And hence “SCOUT”. SCOUT though made for tutors in mind but will actually benefit the students at large where they can identify their weaker areas, practice more on what is needed and benchmark self against peers to get an all-round view of their learning and progress. And, our bigger aim is to make learning more engaging and continuous.

Our Mantra is to “STAY AHEAD” – You stay ahead for your upcoming challenges while we will keep the platform stay ahead with technology.

We are a bunch of like-minded technology enthusiasts and self-professed geeks.
We believe Education is the best investment that we can do with our time, skills and knowledge.
We dream to make Education better.